Global Access TeleCard

Our Global Access Telecard is the finest travel card in the world. It combines many powerful features with exceptionally low rates. GA Telecard is an international travel card using our extensive network of international toll-free access numbers, allowing calls to be placed from approximately 48 countries. With savings up to 50% over other calling card rates.

It is also flat rated at 10 cents per minute for domestic U.S. calls with no setup (bong) charge.

Service Charges, Billing Increments, and Features

bulletGlobal Access TELECARD is a calling card that you pay only for usage !
bulletFlat rated U.S. origination and termination calls have NO service charge and are at 10 cents per minute.
bulletCalls with U.S. origination and termination outside the U.S. have NO service charge.
bulletCalls with origination outside the U.S. or Canada have NO service charge.
bulletCalls with Canadian origination have NO service charge.
bulletBilling increments are 30/06 for calls with U.S. origination and 60/60 for calls with all other origination (including Canada).
bulletSequential dialing allows additional calls without hanging up or redialing.
bulletSpeed dialing with up to 69 codes for frequently called numbers.
bulletVoice/Fax Mailbox for receiving, storing, and sending messages and faxes.

Billing and Minimums

GA Telecard calls are combined with all other Telegroup services on a single invoice. GA Telecard has no monthly fee or minimum. Usage of less than $50 rolls forward to the next month's invoice. At the end of three months, customers with any usage will be sent an invoice, even if running total is less than $50.

Foreign Language Prompts

For the GA Telecard and its associated services, the following voice prompt translations are available as of 12/95: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, and Japanese. Pending are: German, Dutch, Cantonese, Mandarin, Queen's English, and Korean.

Enhanced Features and Instructions

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