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1+ Long Distance Service (includes our best interational rates) - dial anywhere in the world from your place
No PIC - means you will keep your present provider, and use the 10-10-### or toll free Dial-around for outgoing calls
CallBack - you dial a number, let it ring once, and it calls you back at low rates
This option is especially good if you live in a country with a telephone monopoly or PTT.
TeleCard - you can dial code numbers to use many features from any phone.

Incoming / Toll Free Options:
Issue a New Toll Free Number. Please see if is available.
Move My Existing Toll Free number to Telegroup


T1 and DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines):
T1 - multiple outgoing lines and fastest Internet connection - for large organizations
DSL - Internet connection 50 times faster than a modem - for office or home
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