Global Access DIRECT


What Is Global Access Direct Service?

Global Access Direct (GAD) service is our new generation of switching technology. GAD is a direct dial service for customers. This means you don't have to hang up when placing a long-distance call, giving the customer transparent access to our service.

Global Access Direct (GAD) is available in the following countries.  

bulletUSA rates
bulletCanada rates
bulletHong Kong
bulletNew Zealand
bulletUnited Kingdom

Global Access Direct Rates

GADirect has no minimum invoice requirements. GAD rates are country specific. The billing is in 30/06 increments (30 second initial, 6 second subsequent increments). Global Access rates are country specific for each country. There is no limit on the number of  lines for GAD.

NOTE: Individual GAD customers (not businesses) must pay GAD invoices by credit card or automatic bank debit. Direct invoicing with bank wire payment is not an option for individuals.

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Summary of Global Access DIRECT service:

bulletDial our tollfree number for access then dial direct
bulletIf calling from un-registered phone, dial 6-digit PIN
bulletNo minimum monthly invoice
bullet30/06 billing. Billing is 30 second initial, 6 second subsequent increments.

Rates, Fees, and Minimums

Global Access DIRECT has no monthly fee, There is no setup charge. There is no charge for unanswered calls.

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