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DSL Pricing Schedule   January 10, 2000

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DSL Forms
Please fax these four completed and signed forms with each DSL order (five pages in total) to 1-877-375-3180.

DSL Order Form (1-page, January 11, 2000)
DSL Order Form(Word Doc, January 25,2000)

DSL Terms & Conditions   (2-page, January 11, 2000)
DSL Terms & Conditions(Word Doc, January 25,2000)

DSL Circuit Installation Questionnaire  (1-page, January 11, 2000)
DSL Circuit Installation Questionnaire (Word Doc, January 25,2000)

DSL Network Topology Worksheet  (1-page, January 11, 2000)
DSL Network Topology Worksheet (Word Doc, January 25, 2000


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