Fact Sheet

C&S Videophone

Video Phone using the conventional telephone line
Video communication using maximum of 15 frames per second could be implemented using conventional telephone lines.

Application of International standards

It uses the international standard for video phone (ITU-T-H.324) which enables the phone to be used anywhere in the world.

TFT-LCD & High fidelity CCD Camera

It uses the 4-inch color TFT-LCD and 270,000 pixel CCD Camera, enabling the transfer of clear images.

GUI (Graphical user interface)

GUI functionalities are used to manipulate the size of the screen, environment for video communication, recording recent conversations, and phone number memorization. Additional features are also provided.

External audio and video input/outputs

Using the external A/V input and output, video recorded from camcorders or VCRs could be transferred using our video phone.


All transferred data are digitalized, thus tapping could be prevented in advance.