8x8 Inc. / ViaTV

8x8 Inc. (now Netergy) has discontinued manufacturing the VC50, VC105, and VC150/VC160 models, to the surprise and dismay of videophone distributors like ourselves. They sold very well, like hot cakes. Their customer support was very good. You may find some web sites still listing them for sale, but we have found that they are almost always out of stock. These web sites need updating. The ViaTV.com web site seems to be down.

We have heard that a supplier for the ViaTV factory was hurt by the Taiwan earthquake which destroyed many electronics  manufacturing plants.  Other reports are that the venture capitalists funding 8x8 pulled out in favor of .Com's. 8x8 is now focusing on the upcoming Internet-based Videophone market.  We look forward to working with 8x8 with these products in the future.

But, we feel the convenient "Plain Old Telephone" based Videophone market will still be active for years.   So, we have researched and found alternative and compatible products by other companies, such as InfoView, which has hired former 8x8 employees, to continue to support this exciting and timely technology.

Here is a new product we are marketing, which performs just as well as the 8x8 VC105, plus:
bulletMore portable - can fit into an attache case
bulletMore options to plug in accessories, such as a VCR camera
bulletLess heat generated by the unit
bulletLess noisy - no fan motor necessary

Introducing: The InfoView Videophone