Conveying Images

Communicates Important Information

A picture is worth 1000 words. When you communicate with pictures as well as sound, you convey so much more information. There is a lot of information that can be transmitted in the form of:

bulletcharts and graphs

Only a videophone can allow for the exchange of this information over long distances.

If a businessman is considering doing a business transaction with a new contact, a videophone allows him to "size up" the other organization if they have a videophone. First of all, he can see that they are progressive and keep up with new technology. He can see if the other person is dressed professionally, if that is important. He can look him directly in the eye, and better detect worry or deceipt. He can see if the office in the background is orderly and businesslike.

For a family, there is no substitute for seeing each other face to face. You can see a new baby's first steps, or a daughter's prom dress. You can see if an older person is really in good health. This product brings people together, with the most significant improvement since the invention of the telephone.

Video communication will become the norm in the 21st Century.