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Every day, the number of Web pages is exploding exponentially. Every ad you see lists a Web address, every student you know is building his own "home page", and every company in the world is trying to get a presence on the internet. While this explosion of information is exciting, it can be very difficult to find the best sites with the information you need. I have compiled this list of Internet Web addresses to guide you to the very best sources of information that are accessible through the Internet. Whether you are trying to track down phone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal records, educational information, sports, health, or news, you can find it here and much, much more.

Remember that there are over 70,000 internet domains being created every day, so no list can give you all the addresses that are available. What we have provided here are the most popular and useful sites for getting started on the internet. Most of the sites on this list contain "links" to other sites that can give you access to even more information. Feel free to explore and "surf" the ‘net wherever it takes you in your quest!

If you get a message like "Site Not Found", make sure the URL was typed exactly as it appears on our list. You might also try eliminating the path one segment at a time from the end of the address, because sometimes the target page at the site changes it’s name, but can be found linked up a bit higher. Also, keep in mind that "times are changing" and new sites appear daily on the scene while others disappear quietly in the night.


The World Wide Web is information from around the world linked together through a network. All the information is there for anyone to see if you know where to find it. You can find a "web site" by its "Uniform Resource Locator" (or URL), which is the address on the web where a specific document is stored. The letters at the end of the address usually tell you something about who owns the server or where it is located. Outside the U.S., most sites end with a two-letter country identifier, such as .uk for the United Kingdom, .ja for Japan, etc. In the U.S., sites usually end with one of the following:

com commercial site

edu educational institution

gov government

mil military site

net internet service provider

org organization site

int international site

For a basic primer about the World Wide Web, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at You’ll see an index of sites that maintain a copy of these FAQ’s. Pick the one closest to you and in the language you’d prefer. This will explain everything from "what is the web" to "how can I create my own web page".

There are several directories of internet web sites published directly on the internet itself. These directories contain lists of web sites that have been sorted, indexed and categorized to make it easier for the public to find relevant information. Some of the most popular Internet directories include:

Point Survey


If you are looking for something in particular and you can’t find what you’re looking for in this list, I suggest you visit one of the popular search engines to refine your search. These sites will provide you with all the help you need to format your search request.






Telephone searches:

There are over 105 million listings from USA & Canada available for searching online. Search by name, phone number, occupation, etc. Some sites also include links to international directories, but not all countries have the same volume (or quality) of information available.


White Pages


Contains over 90 million entries of user-supplied E-mail, Home Page, FAX, and Toll Free Number information for people or businesses. Includes reverse telephone number lookup and links to a map of the address.

Yahoo People Search

My personal favorite – look up a person’s email address, mailing address or phone number. Use the advanced search option for a better success ratio.


Business (yellow pages) or people (white pages) for the continental U.S. Also includes links to global phone directories, although many countries are noticeably absent. Look at a list of United States and Canadian area code numbers and their associated state/province, look at a list of country codes and selected city codes, find information about United States and Canadian new area codes going into effect, courtesy of Bellcore.


Search for either businesses or people. Also offers access to the largest classified site on the web. Anyone with a Web browser can look up the names, phone number and street addresses of friends, colleagues and businesses, typically in less than a second. All of this information is publicly available. People can also personalize their listings and shape their on-line identity by adding information about their individual interests and associations. Each week, more than 15,000 new people update and add information to their Switchboard listings.



Telephone Directory

A private index of phone books from all around the world! On the web since September 1995, this is the Internet's original and most detailed listing of online white pages, yellow pages, and fax directories. To find a directory, select a country from the list. Also see the multiple country directories for many more countries. In addition there's a list of email address directories, plus a page of other telecom related links.


You can look up any business in the U.S. and get their address and phone number! Search for businesses or people by name with American Directory Assistance or search by type of business with American Yellow Pages. Includes a reverse-telephone number lookup.


U.S Residential white pages.


Index of international white pages.



World Yellow Pages And 800 Numbers

GTE SuperPages
Big Yellow
World Yellow Pages
True Yellow
Internet Yellow Pages
Macmillan Computer Publishing
AT&T 800
Big Foot


ABC-Asia Business Connection

Asia's Business WWWs Business Directories.


ChinaBig WebGuide

Searchable via GB, Big 5 or English, the ChinaBiG WebGuide, is a free bilingual resource for doing business in and with China, including the most comprehensive online yellow pages of the greater China region.


Japan Telephone Directory

1997 TOWNPAGE. From Hokkaido to Okinawa. New areas and listings added to this directory. This directory service is a trial service (free of charge) for several research issues. This server includes yellow pages of Japan, city maps and useful information of Japan based on the TOWNPAGE - English Telephone Directory - 1997 NTT. This trial period will last from October 1995 to September 1997. There are NO phone listings for INDIVIDUALS and Fax numbers in this server.


College telephone books

A vast collection of searchable telephone books and other directories from colleges around the world.



E-Mail Searches:

Internet 411
Who Where
Internet Address Finder
LookUP! Email Database
World Email Directory
ESP Mailbox Search

Search for email addresses using these databases, which provide directories of addresses akin to a "White Pages" for the Internet.


Internet Domain Searches:

InterNIC White Pages
WhoIs Gateway

Find a person’s name, phone number & address based on an email address. Find any registered person, domain, resource, product or service available on the internet, including the worldwide X.500 directory.

Web site index

A massive index of Web sites in hundreds of categories ranging from "Business & Commerce" to "Social Sciences". Accessible through a keyword search engine. You can look for sites in virtually every country online.

Yelloweb Europe Directory

Yelloweb Europe was designed to provide easy multilingual access to European service listings. Yelloweb Europe is the European Web Guide. To obtain a listing on Yelloweb Europe a web site must be hosted in a European country. Choose your language...[Deutsch] [English] [Espa˝ol] [Franšais] [Italiano] [Nederlands] [Russian(Win1251)]



Reference.COM makes it easy to find, browse, search, and participate in more than 150,000 newsgroups, mailing lists, and web forums.


The Netcheck Commerce Bureau serves as an important vehicle in the effort to increase and insure Ethical Commerce on the Internet. The people who shop the Member companies with confidence, and those who have had problems with other companies, can file complaints when something goes wrong. The Netcheck Commerce Bureau was created as a service for the people. Netcheck gives the public, not government intervention, the ability to report on company to company and consumer to company business practices throughout the world.


Virtual Libraries:

Internet public library
U.S. House of Reps Internet Law Library

Online "virtual" libraries that enable you to search for ANYTHING, anywhere.



Online Reference & Research

Incredible site for useful tools: language (dictionaries, rhymes, thesaurus, translators), library (people, religion, quotations), geographical (maps, telephone, facts), financial (currency converter, stock quotes), shipping (zip codes, package tracking) and internet (listserv searches)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Standard dictionary and thesaurus information available online by typing in the word you’re looking for.




newspaper net
Broadcasting Link
Index of radio, TV, cable companies

Online index to all forms of media – from cable TV to newspapers to radio stations




Searchable database of magazines, catalogs, newsletters, newspapers, directories, mailing lists, advertising and periodicals.


Britannica Internet

The Britannica Internet Guide is a World Wide Web navigation service that classifies, rates, and reviews more than 65,000 Web sites. Britannica editors search the Web to identify quality Web resources, which are clearly and concisely described, rated according to consistent standards, and indexed for superior retrieval.

Electric Library

Electric Library provides immediate access to hundreds of full-text magazines and newspapers, along with newswires, books, transcripts and thousands of pictures and maps! Perfect for Work, School, or Home.


Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a personalized Internet-based service providing education information to teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, parents, and others throughout the United States and the World.


Argus ClearinghouseThe Internet's premier research library. The Argus Clearinghouse provides a central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources. Their mission is to facilitate intellectual access to information resources on the Internet.

Lib Web http://sunsite.Berkeley.EDU/Libweb/

Library servers via the WWW. Libweb currently lists over 2000 pages from libraries in over 70 countries.

The Data Archive

The Data Archive at the University of Essex houses the largest collection of accessible computer-readable data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom. It is a national resource centre, disseminating data throughout the United Kingdom and, by arrangement with other national archives, internationally.

Library Sites

Part of the Library Resource service offered by the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Includes links to library resources around the world.

American Library Association

The American Library Association's "Resources for Parents and Kids", including "700+ Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Wonderful Web Sites for Kids and the Adults Who Care About Them".


"This site is exactly what it says it is -- a place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible. The categories are sorted according to the approximate appropriate grade level which makes them valuable tools for teachers looking for lesson plan and curriculum ideas. The information for each topic also notes the presence of downloadable or printable images for use as visual aids of school reports or projects. The variety of subjects and categories should allow most users to narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic." - says Education World ™.

Time Warner

Links to all the news and magazines from Time Warner, including Time, People, Money, Fortune, Entertainment, and Life. Also links to news sources such as Ask Dr. Weil, CNN, CNN SI, ParentTime, Netly News Network.


News Services:


Used by reporters to search for insight, background and sources for all top issues. Contains links to all the major news services.

NJO NewsFlash
AP News Headlines
Reuters News Headlines
AP News Summaries
Reuters News Summaries

Check these sites daily for the latest news.

Hot News

Click on Hot News, Hot Research for valuable web resources on current and previous news topics.



GeoCities Map It
Semaphore Corp.
Interstate Highway Link
City Maps
Yahoo Point-to-Point

Interactive maps for locating any residence, business, address, or city in the continental U.S.


Address Servers:

U.S. Postal Service

By selecting a city and state, you can look up any zip code or get a listing of the local post offices. The USPS site lets you track Express Mail online, submit a change of address form electronically, or determine the postal rates for overseas mail.

Geographic Name Server

Nat’l Address & Zip+4 Server

Given a valid U.S. postal address, this server attempts to rewrite the address in the proper format along with the ZIP+4 code. If it is successful, you can retrieve a Postscript or a GIF file of the address for printing, with a barcode! You can also view a street map of the address, from 2 different Internet map sites (MapBlast and MapQuest).


People Searches:


Vital Records

State Vital Records

State-by-state listing of available sources of vital records. This database gives you the state government addresses for where to write to obtain vital records including birth, marriage, divorce, and death records.


Social Security

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
SSN Lookup
Social Security Administration

SSDI can be used to determine if the one you are looking for is no longer with us. The SSN Lookup allows you to find out if a SSN is valid and when & where it was issued. The SSA site allows you to request personal earnings & benefit estimate statements.

Missing & Exploited Children
Project Find
Child Quest

Extensive databases of missing children and suspects, complete with pictures. Project Find includes also includes missing adults afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.


Child Abuse Yellow Pages

Forum for discussion of child abuse, links to other web resources, news reports of child abuse.



U. S. Surnames

Are you curious where other people with your same last name (surname) live in the United States? Interested in genealogy? Just enter any name into the form below, and you’ll see a map of the United States showing the distribution of people with this surname within the 50 United States. This database contains the 50,000 most common surnames in the United States.

CSRA Online

CSRA Online presents a unique database for people tracing on the Internet. This database consists of over 170 million names, 125 million with date of birth compiled from multiple public, private, and proprietary sources. The database is continually enhanced by the integration of additional records to produce a database of exceptional breadth and depth.


Directory of Database Services


Parent Finders
Searchable adoptees databases

Online international searchable databases dedicated to searching adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and siblings.



Class Mates

This unique new service helps high school alumni friends find each other. When you join ClassMates you get access to e-mail addresses for other registered alumni and make it possible for your old school friends and reunion organizers to contact you. Has registrants from more than 25,000 high schools covering all 50 states, Canada and about 300 American/Canadian territorial and overseas high schools.





Find anything and everything about aviation. Searchable databases contain over 680,000 pilots, 16,000 airports, 260,00 A&P mechanics and ratings database entries, serial and n-number databases have over 300,000 entries.

Celebrity Addresses

celebrity e-mail addresses, including NBA, NFL, MLB and WWF superstars.


Click on "The Toolbox" to find Forbes’ lists of the wealthiest and most powerful people such as the 400 Richest People in America and the 200 Best Small Companies and the International 500.



Motor Vehicle Records

District of Columbia
New Mexico
New York
South Dakota

Note: not all states have online access to their records





COIN: Computer Online Investigator Network. Click on the graphic, then follow the links to "Featured COIN Members who offer international, national, and regional service." Choose your Investigator as you would your doctor or lawyer.


More than 9.5 million documents are added each week to the more than 1 billion documents available.


Follow the links on this page for TONS of resources, from information resources to PI links to equipment to associations.


Company that offers background searches for a fee. Includes credit history, driving records, fugitive records, etc.


Credit Reporting:

Credit Bureau
Financial Service (non-profit)
Experian (formerly TRW)
Confidential Credit


Sites that provide you the ability to obtain copies of your credit report, correct discrepancies on your report, obtain credit counseling, repair, and other financial services.






Answers to tax questions, large number of IRS forms and publications, information for business, regulations, statistics and information about filing online. Whether you are filing as an individual or as a business, there are volumes of information here to help you. Visit the "Tax Regs in English" for an explanation of some of the newer tax regulations. Also, you can download forms and publications by clicking on "Forms & Pubs".

Tax Web Information Central

Embark on a cyber-journey with the Tax Prophet, as he deciphers the Internal Revenue Code for U.S. and foreign taxpayers, and professionals alike. Watch as he stills the swirling pool of tax obfuscation with a touch of his magic wand.


Essential Links

Tax Web


More directories of tax-related web sites.


Courts & Legal System

U.S. Federal & State Courts Finder

Emory Univ. Courts Finder
Cornell Univ. Courts Finder

Point & click map to federal courts provides access to all online court links.


Supreme Court Opinions

Federal Bulletin Board Online

Supreme Court opinions and related documents in WordPerfect 5.1, ASCII and Adobe Acrobat Portable Document (PDF) format. From the HERMES project, these documents are transmitted by the Court upon release and uploaded to The Federal Bulletin Board daily.





Internet Law Library

The United States House of Representatives Internet Law Library is provided to you courtesy of the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives as part of the Counsel's mission to make the law (particularly the U.S. Code) available to the public. The Internet Law Library has two goals. The first is to provide free public access to the basic documents of U.S. law. (We currently provide a full text searchable copy of the United States Code). The second goal is to provide acccess to the other law resources of the Internet. (The Library has organized thousands Internet law resources by subject or jurisdiction).

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute:  

The server offers the LII's collection of recent and historic Supreme Court decisions, its hypertext versions of the full U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure, recent opinions of the New York Court of Appeals and commentary on them fom the liibulletin-ny and other important legal materials -- federal, state, foreign and international. It holds the LII's e-mail address directory of faculty and staff at U.S. law schools as well as contact information on other people and organizations in the field of law. It is host to the Cornell Law Review, and offers information about Cornell Law School and the Cornell Law Library.



Better Business Bureau

Locate a local BBB or search their online resource library.


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Society of Professional Journalists FOI

The Society of Professional Journalists maintains this Web site as a tool to help journalists and non-journalists in their quest for information from federal and local governments. It contains valuable information and important links to sites that will help in your FOI (Freedom of Information) searches.

Freedom of Information Act

This guide is intended to be a quick reference for journalists and citizens on the Freedom of Information Act as of February 12, 1996. It does not substitute for research or consultation with a lawyer on detailed questions. It is intended to address the most common access problems, but can't cover everything..


Access to Court Records

Information on how to obtain access to court records and court proceedings.

Defense Link
USNI Military Database

The purpose of DefenseLINK is to provide the public with a single, unified starting point for information about the Department of Defense, its organization and its functions. The DefenseLINK home page provides direct access to the Information Services established by each military department and organization. It also contains many Defense publications, answers to frequently asked questions about the department, and an easy-to-use search interface.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. The BLS is an independent national statistical agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates essential statistical data to the American public, the U.S. Congress, other Federal agencies, State and local governments, business, and labor. The BLS also serves as a statistical resource to the Department of Labor.



Federal Web Locator

The Federal Web Locator is a service provided by the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy and is intended to be the one stop shopping point for federal government information on the World Wide Web. This list is maintained to bring the cyber citizen to the federal government's doorstep.

FedWorld Information Network

Central access gateway to government agencies and information through subject category listings, U.S. government reports or through the Commerce Information Locator Service.

Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency

Advising on building codes and flood plain management...teaching people how to get through a disaster...helping equip local and state emergency preparedness...coordinating the federal response to a disaster...making disaster assistance available to states, communities, businesses and emergency managers...supporting the nation's fire service...administering the national flood and crime insurance programs...the range of FEMA's activities is broad indeed.

Inspector General

IGnet is dedicated to the work of the Inspector General (IG) Community. The IG Community consists of the Offices of Inspector General who conduct audits, investigations, and inspections in more than 60 Federal agencies, as well as their peers in state and local government, education, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

National Record Archive

Records in the National Archives document the government's policies, define how those policies are carried out, and offer insights into the experiences of individual Americans. They show the nation's expansion westward, the settlement of the land, the emergence of industrial America, the challenges of agrarian commerce, the story of American ingenuity, the fight for democracy, and the struggle for equality. They help to guarantee the accountability of the government to the American people and enable citizens to protect individual rights and liberties. Presidents and politicians, diplomats and soldiers, the famous, the infamous, and the ordinary citizen all have a place here.

Small Business Administration

General information, resources for starting, financing or expanding a business, and a search engine for finding a specific SBA employee.




State Search

23 categories containing thousands of entries to help you find whatever you’re looking for in state government.


Full text of Congressional bills and the Congressional Record as well as links to additional House and Senate Member and Committee phone and address directories on those chambers' servers, a link to the House of Representatives page reflecting activities now on the House floor (if the House has adjourned, the page shows the last activity on the House floor) and a link to the page on the House of Representative's server showing today's committee schedules.

U.S. Bureau of the Census

The Census Bureau collects, analyzes and disseminates statistical data on our population and our economy. The public and private sectors use these data every day to help make important decisions that affect the lives of every U.S. resident. These data include everything from monthly imports and exports and retail trade activities to the age, race, and sex characteristics of our population, their living arrangements, and housing conditions.


Tour the CIA, search online publications, and links to other "intelligence" sites.

Government Accounting Office

Free online access to GAO reports and testimonies.

Securities & Exchange Commission

Its primary purpose is to provide the investing public with a reliable source of investment guidance, advice, and information so that they may make wise investing decisions. Information includes the EDGAR Database of Corporate Information, SEC News Digests and Public Statements, SEC Requests for Comments, andSEC Enforcement Actions,

U.S. Government Printing Office

The U.S. Government Printing Office is responsible for printing and distributing the printed and electronically disseminated publication of Congress and the executive departments of the federal government.

U.S. Patent Office

This site contains both the US Patent Bibliographic Database (a freely searchable database of front page information from US patents issued from 1/1/76 to 11/11/97), and the AIDS Patent Database (a freely searchable database of the full text and images of AIDS related patents issued by the US, Japanese and European patent offices).

Military Locator Service

This site contains a searchable active duty personnel database, overseas personnel database, duty losses database, two reserves databases and a military base locator database.

Navy Locator Service

This site tells you how you can find current or former navy personnel.

Navy Vessel

Look up Zip+4 codes for U.S. Navy Vessels

Vietnam Era POW/MIA database

This database has been established to assist researchers interested in investigating the U.S. Government documents pertaining to U.S. military personnel killed, missing, or imprisoned in Southeast Asia during or after the conclusion of American involvement in the Vietnam Conflict. Researchers using this database can identify documents of interest by using search terms such as last name, country name, service branch, keywords, and statements such as "downed over Laos."

Department of Veterans Affairs

This site provides information on VA programs, veteran’s benefits, VA facilities worldwide, and VA medical automation software.



US & Foreign Speed Traps

Interactive maps let you find out where the speed traps are before you go.


Excite City.Net

Search more than 5,000 destinations, book your travel online, reserve flights, hotels, car rentals, check out today’s best deals online.


Take a tour of your planet with Travelocity's Destination Guide, featuring travel guidebooks, event calendars, and trip essentials from Lonely Planet and The World Travel Guide.

Fodor’s http://www.fodors/com/

Personal trip planner, hotel and restaurant finder, Bread & Breakfast finder, forum for travelers to talk to other travelers and to vacation experts, travel tips, photography, languages & more.


Microsoft’s online travel agent, which includes airfare trackers and comparisons, tips and bargains, currency converter, and worldwide links of over 10,000 sites.


Arthur Frommer’s Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel: "6,000 pages of bargain-priced tickets and trips, largest on the web".

The Weather Channel

Everything you want to know about the weather in U.S. cities, including current conditions and travel forecasts. Includes jumps to international cities as well.


Health & Medicine

Mayo Health Oasis

Reliable health information from Mayo Clinic. All information and illustrations on this site are prepared with and reviewed by a team of Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists. An editorial board of 15 Mayo staff identifies health topics and selects Mayo specialists as sources for the articles you'll find at this site. Whatever your age, you'll find easy-to-read, relevant information for a healthier life. You'll find a growing database of explanations on how to treat common and not-so-common illnesses, as well as information on disease prevention.


New York Online Access to Health (NOAH). Since its launch in June of 1995, NOAH has established its presence on the Web as an outstanding bilingual consumer health information site. NOAH is an information guide only. This information has been culled from a variety of consumer health resources.


Medscape is the leading interactive, multi-specialty, commercial Web service for clinicians and consumers. At this site you will find thousands of articles that are Web-enhanced for online browsing. There are many features, including the world's only unrestricted free access to MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, & TOXLINE.

National Institute of Health

Includes a selection of some NIH health resources such as CancerNet, AIDS information, Clinical Alerts, the Women's Health Initiative and the NIH Information Index (a subject-word guide to diseases and conditions under investigation at NIH). Also provides information on NIH's extramural research and training programs including NIH's funding opportunities (with application kits), grant policy, and award data that includes access to the CRISP database. Research news and information including special interest groups, on-line library catalogs and journals, research training information, NIH research labs on the web and computer and network support for NIH scientists. You will find links to the many organizations that collectively make-up the NIH. Some of these sites provide full-text consumer health publications.

Health World Online

Health World Online offers vast resources in nutrition, fitness, self-care and mind/body approaches to maintaining a

high level of health. The resources in Health World Online include the Fitness Center, Nutrition Center, Wellness

Center, Marketplace (Bookstore, Health Food Store), and Self-Care Central.

Health Touch

Look up information about prescription or over-the-counter medications to find out about common drug uses, proper use of medicines, and possible drug side effects. Find up-to-date information on health, wellness, diseases, and illnesses. See information from manufacturers on pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drug products.


Emory University Health Sciences Center Library publishes this list of links to many sites pertaining to alternative medicine. You can search by keyword and by country.

Alternative Medicine

The Alternative Medicine Homepage is a jumpstation for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies.


This site was created by an individual, but it is worth a look. It contains an extensive listing of web sites related to nutrition and claims to be a complete guide to Nutrition, health and related subjects.


Job Search

Headhunter http://www.HeadHunter.NET/

HeadHunter.NET is the first full-featured commercial employment site that is free to job seekers and posters. The site has had over 70,000 user registrations and receives an average of 1,000 new registrations every day. More than 10,000 employers and recruiters are now posting original jobs directly to the site, and daily new job listings range from a total salary value of $35 million to as high as $120 million. The site executes an average of well over 40,000 job and resume searches each day.

Monster Board
Online Career Center
Career Mosaic
Career Web
Virtual Job Fair
Career Path

Search worldwide for your next job, employer profiles, resume builder, career insight and advice, relocation and apartment finder, recruiter's center and events.



Archie McPhee

Outfitters of Popular Culture since 1986. You'll find Rubber Chickens, Voodoo Dolls, Squeak Nuns, Gargoyles, Aliens, Magic 8 Balls, Nerd Essentials, Body Parts and more.

Bookmark this site...It will $AVE you MONEY. You $AVE BIG on everything we have in our store at From books or cigars, to computers or tools, you'll find brand name products here, at prices lower than you'll find anywhere, and we mean anywhere, else. We back it up with our low price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Offers the same merchandise you would normally find in their stores. Visit the "What’s Hot" section for this weeks deals. You can also search for an item by entering a single word, partial word, or several words, and you can also search by price range.

JC Penney

Search their merchandise by department or catalog.

Computer ESP

ComputerESP scans and compares over a million prices from major computer cyberstores in US and Canada and updates over 200,000 prices a day on average. Search by keywords or browse by category.


Internet Mall
Virtual Emporium
Internet Shopping Network


An online version of your local mall. Some malls only carry 10 or so stores, while others link to over 20,000. They include a wide variety of stores, from bath to apparel.

Real Mall

An online directory of the stores and products in the REAL mall near you. Pick the city, pick the mall, look at individual stores and see what’s on special.



Online Auction

Online Auctions by Internet Liquidators for the U.S. and Canada. Exceptional discount shopping! FUN! EASY! SECURE! Tell your friends, then OUTBID 'EM!

On Sale

ONSALE« Auction Supersite, the world's largest online auction specializing in computer products, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and auction classifieds.




Catalog Site

Catalogs, Catalogs ! -- Online Catalog Shopping Resource for Great Mail Order & Online Catalogs. -- Hundreds of FREE Catalogs ....

Thomas Register

Search 155,000 US and Canadian industrial products or services Companies. Thomas Register on the Internet is the world's largest online industrial buying source. Now, finding the product, service, or company you need is easier and faster than ever! The entire database of the acclaimed Thomas Register of American Manufacturers is available for your use online. Register today, and you will have access to our proprietary search engine which allows you to search the 155,000 companies in our database classified under more than 55,000 product and service headings. Plus, more than 3,100 online supplier catalogs give you 42,000 pages of detailed buying and specifying information.


The internet’s largest toy store – search for specific toys, see the top picks.


Car Buying


Edmund's shifts the balance of power in the automobile buying process. We want you to know all that you can not only about new and used automobile prices but also about rebates and incentives, trade-in values, financing, insurance, warranties, accessories, and every other significant product you might need to purchase your car with confidence. In addition, we want you to know exactly what will happen when you buy a car and what you need to know to get the best deal. This site features extensive consumer information about new and used automobile purchasing. We give you the tips, strategies, and detailed behind-the-scenes information you need to understand the automobile sales world and navigate your way toward a great deal. Whether you're an experienced buyer or a novice, buying used or buying new, trading in or selling your current vehicle, Edmund's has prices and strategies that will help you.


Microsoft's "complete source for car buying information". Search for new and used cars, check their reliability ratings, jump to the Kelly Blue Book to find out what your used car or trade-in is worth.



Buy a new or used vehicle, sell your used vehicle, search 1000's of used cars, request an insurance quote, or pre-arrange discount financing all from one place.


DealerNet is the most powerful automotive resource on the Web today. It's packed with information: photos, specs, side-by-side comparisons and MSRP's. It's also your link to over 700 dealers nationwide. Begin with the new and used car search queries or go to one of the featured content areas.


For most people, buying a car is one of life's more unpleasant experiences. Auto Site is dedicated to creating smarter, more informed shoppers who buy the right vehicle for their needs, negotiate a fair price, buy the vehicle, and get the most out of their purchase. Our consumer site, provides the timely facts, interactive tools, and expert resources consumers need to make informed automotive decisions, wherever they are in the ownership cycle: choosing, purchasing, maintaining, accessorizing , repairing, or selling. Through its relationship with Auto-By-Tel, AutoSite offers complete research and buying services and one-stop shopping.



Trader Online

Allows you to search interactively to find the used vehicle you want in the Web's largest single national database of private party and dealer cars, small trucks, pick-ups, vans, 4x4s, sports cars, and antique, custom and classic cars. In addition, it offers direct links to new car data and websites maintained by manufacturers, listings of new car dealerships in your market, listings of used car dealerships in your market, and the opportunity to place a free ad to sell your own vehicle.




Sport Quest

The Virtual Resource Center for Sport Information. Over 14,000 sites indexed by professionals! Your best bet for information on Sports, Coaching, Statistics and Results, Sports Training, Sport Medicine, Sport Science, and Physical Education! There is information on Professional Sports, Disabled Sports, Women in Sport, Sport Associations, Universities and Colleges, Newspapers, Olympic Sports and more.

ESPN Sports Zone
CBS Sportsline
Sporting Life

All the current news in sports today. More than 100,000 pages, from news & features to rosters, standings, schedules, and a sports almanac. Covers hockey, football, basketball, baseball, auto racing, golf, tennis, soccer, the Olympics and more.


Yahoo Sports

Compilation of all the sports events and sites from around the 'net.



National Basketball Association
National Football League
World Soccer Network
National Hockey League


Fantasy Leagues

CBS SportsLine
Fantasy Advisor
Fantasy Football Insider
Fantasy Mastermind