Using Microsoft Outlook with your Email Account

People can always email you at account, which you may have forwarded to your personal email address.

You could remove the Forwarding from you address and check it on the Web from any browser at any site. or

When you are at home or office you can check it via your POP email client such as Outlook. You may already be using this to check your email from an Internet Service Provider. It doesn't take any longer as Outlook can check mulitple accounts when you click on Send and Receive.

You can also set up Outlook with an account with as the From: so that clients will see your company working all as a team.

		Add	Mail...
			Display Name:
			Email address:
			Incoming server:
			Outgoing server:
			Account name: You
			Password: (whatever you changed made it)
			My outgoing mail server requires authorization (check)
				Use same setting as incoming mail server
Then when you send an email:
	Send Using...

And the recipient will see it coming from

Tip: Customize the tool bar 
	Remove "Send and Receive" (plain)
	Add "Send and Receive V" (down arrow)
	So you can control which you are sending and receiving from, or you can select All Accounts.