Cell Phone Rental

We can provide you:
1. Unlimited local calling
2. Unlimited calling in the USA
3. Unlimited calling from cell phone to cell phone.

International Calls would be between 5 and 50 cents per minute, depending on your country.
Other services charge about $15 per day, BUT keep in mind, they also charge about $1 per minute of usage. 

This means that for 30 minutes, it would be $15 + $30 = $45 per day.

Our plan is for $30 per day per phone.  This saves you about $15 per day from our competition.
The cost would be $30 x 14 days = $420 x 3 = $1260.  This can be paid by check with a credit card, in case of over charges.
We can also provide an 800 number for each phone.
Each phone has customizable voice mail, so they can include their own voice for taking messages, in case they are too busy to answer the phone.
Each phone works with Verizon's excellent coverage - the only one that extends in to the Washington DC Metro underground.
We offer free delivery, and the phones can be sent from the New York Consulate office.
Thank you again for the opportunity to serve your needs.

Cell Phone Rental Agreement

Phones Available

Samsung i700


LG VX 8000


LG VX 3200

510 N Street, SW, Suite 32
Washington, DC  20024