Global Access Callback

Telegroup's Global Access CallBack is a unique long distance service that lets you make international calls from within Telegroup's U.S. network. You will be billed at Telegroup's amazingly low rates. The savings are spectacular—save as much as 20% to 60% compared to your national phone company.

Enjoy these benefits

Spectacular savings
Convenience and ease of use
Fully automated--no operators
Crystal clear connections
Completely itemized bill
No charge for unanswered calls
Outstanding customer service

Global Access CallBack is simple to use:

1. Dial a special number in the U.S.
2. Within seconds, you are called back and will hear Telegroup's U.S. dial tone.
3. Now call anywhere in the world at America's lowest international rates.
4. Make additional calls without hanging up simply by pressing the # key at the end of each call.

World-class customer service

Your satisfaction is important to us. Great customer service means more than just great rates. It means responding quickly and accurately whenever you have a question. With offices in over 30 countries, help is just a phone call away.

A bill you'll look forward to

Telegroup's bill is easy to read and understand, and can be sent on paper or computer disk. You get:
Date and time of each call
Location and number called
Length and cost of each call
Customized call summaries
Free account codes upon request

Start saving today

Getting started is simple and takes just a few minutes. Your service will be activated within days. Your Telegroup sales representative will show you how easy it is to start saving money on your international calls.