A mathematical determination
of the ease of dialing a phone number

Finger Action Requirement - the "index finger index"

The best numbers for marketing purposes, for maximum call response, are:

Easy to remember - through mnemonic and vanity numbers from TollFreeNumbers.com

Easy to dial - low Finger Action Movement value

This web site helps you determine the ease of typing in the digits on the telephone key pad.

The basic idea is that movement from 5 to a 5 is a zero Finger Movement Unit, from 5 to 4 or 5 is a 1, 5 to 0 is a 2, 5 to 7 is a 1.5, etc.  Then we add up the 9 FMU's to get the total Dial Ease Factor.  

What's Your Phone Number's Finger Action Index?

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  Hey I know someone must be pretty lazy to worry about moving their finger 1/4 inch.   But many great inventions have been based on laziness, on the human desire to "Do less while accomplishing more" and to avoid "lifting a finger."

Phone numbers are generally more desirable for dialing if they

1. Low Action Value - by totaling the Finger Action Units 2. Few Unique Numbers Keys to dial 4. High repetition of Keys dialed

We will call the Finger Action  Unit one unit for the distance the finger must travel from one key to the next.

 Here is a chart of the Finger Action Units for Key # 1:

From 1 to 2 = 1 Finger Action Unit (FAU)

From 1 to 3 = 2 units (to the right)

From 1 to 4 = 1 units (down)

From 1 to 5 = 1.5 units (down and over)

From 1 to 6 = 2.5 units

From 1 to 7 = 2 units

From 1 to 8 = 2.5 units

From 1 to 9 = 3 units

From 1 to 0 = 3.5 units

Finger Action Requirement = total FAU's for the 10 digits dialed



The Repeat value is a bit complicated, and I'm working out the formula.  But basically there are higher points for digits that repeat in a row, and get half credit if they are repeated later in the number.  Pairs repeating count double, and triples count triple.   The 800-955-5350 also has a good DialEase and Repeat value, if I could earn that one.  It has a low UniqNum of 7, with good DialEase factor of 9.  It ties with 800-566-6960 but "69" may distract some people from thinking about business.  800-977-7270 is also good, but to say "Seven" takes two syllables.    We may be able to work out a mathematical Desireability Factor for phone numbers.   Customers subconsciously remember if a number is easy to enter or not, and will tend to dial those numbers that are easiest.  They are more friendly if they have not just had to dial an awkward finger movement number.


I put in a 10% discount in the Finger Movement Factor, if it is in the Same
Row or the Same Column.  They already benefit from the fact that a Finger
Movement Unit of 1 would mean that it is in the same row or column.  This
makes the total Finger Movement Units a decimal number.

But this tweaks the function to help account for the extra effort to
for the eye and finger to look in a different row and different column for
the subsequent digit to key in.  It also gives additional and appropriate
bonus credit to the 800-888-8880 number.

This helps improve the value of 800-ATT-ATT0, even though the finger has to
travel all the way up to the top then back down to the 8 (whew!)  Being in
the same column, it should have a better value.  Even though it is not the
easiest dial, this is offset by the fact that the company name ATT is
spelled out.

This makes the function more realistic.  Here is a comparison of the
function without DialEase, and by including the Same Row & Column discount

  PHONE        DialEease DialEaseRC UniqueNums Repeats
  800-669-4570     11.0       10.3      8.0     2.0
  800-759-7870     11.0       10.4      9.0     1.0
  800-319-3190     18.0       17.4      9.0     3.0
  800-321-0580     14.0       13.2      9.0     1.0
  800-497-8480     13.0       12.4      9.0     0.5
  800-566-6960      8.5        7.4      7.0     3.5
  800-757-7670     12.0       11.5      8.0     1.5
  800-759-8170     12.5       12.0      9.0     0.0
  800-944-4240     10.5        9.8      7.0     3.5
  800-944-4540      9.5        8.6      7.0     3.5
  800-955-5350      9.0        8.2      7.0     3.5
  800-977-7270     11.0       10.2      7.0     3.5
  800-829-1040     18.0       17.5      9.0     1.0
  800-888-8880      3.0        1.5      4.0     5.0
  800-288-2880     11.0        9.8      3.0     3.0
  800-ATT-ATT0     11.0        9.8      3.0     3.0

So don't make your customers "lift a finger" if they don't have to, to call you.  Get a number with a low DialEase factor.


Programming by
Rick Shaddock

"The Law of Least Action
is my favorite law to obey"

Inspiration by
Maharishi Yogi
"Do less and accomplish more, through the TM technique"