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Create a steady income working part time!  Your residual income will continue long after you sign your clients up.  Your friends, family and associates will love the service and low rates.

Competitive rates. Our rates are on the leading edge of the industry for l+, tollfree, calling card and international calls. As an agent you can offer 1+ US rates as low as 8.9/min., T-l rates as low as 5.9/min.

Generous, reliable commissions.  You'll get your commissions on time, every month, month after month.

Outstanding customer service. Customers get a live answer over 95% of the time when they call. Your customers will be working with trained, experienced customer service representatives. Telegroup has one of the best customer-retention track records in the industry, meaning more happy customers and more ongoing commissions for you.

Excellent training and support for agents. We give you all the training you need to be a successful telecommunications agent. We have five full-time agent managers ready to take your calls and answer your questions once you become an active Telegroup agent.

Customers get on the service quickly. Telegroup customer provisioning is fully electronic. We provide quick, accurate provisioning of your orders with all of our carriers. Customers typically get provisioned with our carriers 1-2 working days after we get your order and matching Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Accurate bills that are easy to read and understand. Customers can see every call they made and what they paid, and choose from a wide range of billing options. You can offer accounting codes, authorization codes, combined-billing of multiple locations, and more—all at no extra charge.

Worldwide services. In addition to all of our US services, we offer savings on international calls from almost every country in the world. We have 40 offices overseas and we are installing switches in more than 15 nations by the end of 1997.

A solid, stable company that's in the business for the long run. Telegroup has been in business for over eight years. The company is publicly traded, was named #2 on the Inc. 500 list in 1995, and was the #12 US carrier in total operating revenues reported to the FCC in 1996.

Electronic order entry via the Internet. Get your orders on quickly. Check customer status anytime. Review customer usage, invoices, and your commissions whenever you want.

Work with an industry leader. Telegroup sells services that work, that we support and bill properly, and that pay good commissions for our agents. At the same time, we continually look for additional quality services to sell, to give our agents an even stronger competitive edge.

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