Internet services, toll free, videophones, low rate long distance service, translation services
Lowest long distance rates on Global Fiber Network

Domestic Rates - USA

International Rates

3.45¢ in the USA
3.9¢ Toll Free
Calling Card Number
PIC 0432  code 444

Works with Mobile or Regular
Under 4 cents per minute to England, France, Russia
Under 50 cents to Iraq
Under 20 cents to India

CicorporationLingo VOIP
Voice Over Internet Protocol

$17.95 per month
for the first 6 months, then only $21.95/month

FREE Unlimited Calling within the USA
FREE Advanced Calling Features
In-Network Calling
Toll-Free 24/7 Customer Support

Take your Lingo Box and number anywhere in the world
You can make and receive calls as if you are at home.
or use your computer to make and receive calls

Primus Telecommunications (formerly Telegroup)

Grow your business with RingCentral
Create a professional answering system
you can forward your number to at any time
with a automated voice greetings.


MagicJack  Reseller Applicant

$39.95 first year
$19.99 thereafter
Unlimited Calls in the USA


RISK-FREE one-week trial
of UNLIMITED conference calling

Your Own “Conference Bridge”
for only $99 / month

Cell Phone Rental in Washington DC $30/day
including unlimited local and USA long distance.  Low international rates.

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Translation services

To and from every major language
Free Language Basics

Instant Live Talk

Get your customers to call you from your web site.

They can just click when they are ready to buy.


CosmicInternet.Net  & (6474 bytes)
Web Site Hosting and Email accounts
Web design & $10/month Domain hosting 


Check your call list against the state and  U.S. Government anti-telemarketer legislation

DoNotCall.Gov lists

Avoid a possible $11,000 fine 

Find the Best
Toll free number for you



Bill Quimby
Telemarketing Expert

In House or Office Web Site Hosting

Excellent Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line service.  Up to 254 Free IPs.  Free Router (after Rebate). Major carrier backbone


x10pro Sign up

Home and Office Security Consultants and Installers


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JFax & eFax services

Receive faxes and voice mail in your email

Easy-to-remember Toll Free numbers

Vanity toll free numbers help customers remember you.

Helps you find a number that is the easiest for your customers to dial, based on Finger Action Units.

Don't make your customers lift a finger unnecessarily


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) & T1
Ultra fast Internet services using ordinary phone line, or T1 Line

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HTML based email, with graphics
and tracking - to see who read it


Call from your Cell or Mobile phone for low rates!

Europe for 6 cents per minute
Asia for 8 cents per minute
South America for 9 cents per minute
Affiliate 629133


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See each other using videophone with ordinary TV and phone; we have the best videophone for you. New VideoPhone


low rate long distance service, credit repair, translation services


Virtual Phone Numbers

Country Codes

Certified Consulting & Training

ACT! - remember who and when to call
SalesLogix - enterprise contact manager - web based contact manager
GoldMine - award winning contact manager

pcAnywhere - access a PC from anywhere
pcTelecommute - work from anywhere
WinFax - sending faxes from your computer
TalkWorks - automated call center


If the above rates are not low enough, or available for your area, here is another option from

Inexpensive international rates



703-486-2222 - 877-727-9070 Fax
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